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Business Budgeting Software | Financial Budgeting Software

Our professionally designed, user-friendly and customizable business budgeting software will enable any business owner or financial manager to assemble a comprehensive and professional financial forecast.

Our Excel based business budget model offers the following:

  • Elegant & rigid design with professional reports you can use to present to investors, financing institutions, shareholders, directors or line staff;
  • User-friendly automated functionality (even for non-financial owners or managers);
  • No-annual licence fees. The customizable model is yours forever. You will even be able to add on any functionality or sheets you wish to use in future;
  • 12 Month, 3 year or 5 year forecasting options available;
  • Ability to budgeting for up to 4 different branches/divisions (optional);
  • Chart of accounts can be modified to reflect your own income and expense general ledger accounts (for new businesses the model already includes a standard chart of accounts);
  • Define your capital expenditure, your depreciation/write-off percentages and current fixed asset values and our business budgeting software will automatically calculate the depreciation on new and current fixed assets;
  • Expense items can be entered as once-off, as % of sales or even split over 2 to 6 months (You select the month in which the expense starts;
  • You can provide for escalation or increases later in the year or even for year-on-year increases/decreases for 3 and 5 year budgets;
  • Our financial budgeting software also allows for interest and variable expenses (i.e. head office fees, royalties, transport, etc) calculated as % of sales;
  • Variety of forecasted income statements, operational expense reports as well as capital expenditure & depreciation schedule;
  • Various print & export options (should you wish to eMail only the final reports to someone);
  • The comprehensive Report Pack includes cover, index & approval pages;


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Today’s business climate demands astute financial planning and a comprehensive understanding of the impact your various operational and strategic decisions are likely to have on the future profitability of your business.

As an entrepeneur, owner, business or financial manager or the person responsible for the assembly of a comprehensive and professional financial budget, it is likely that you already know what you want and you now need the right Business Budgeting and Forecasting Software suitable to your unique business environment.

We offer one product, a professionally designed Microsoft Excel Workbook file (.xls) with more practicality, ease-of-use and professional appeal that many of the less competitive budgeting tools currently available.

Our Business Budgeting Software Is :

  • Professional
  • Easy-to-use
  • Customizable

Save Time & Effort, Get Enhanced Results …

With this inexpensive and customizable solution you will save time and effort in generating your financial budgets and producing presentable reports. With Click & Plan Financial Budgeting Software, you’ll work smarter immediately. In our simple six-step process (see below), you will:

  • Easily generate detailed and professional financial forecasts for presentation to directors, shareholders, financiers or for your own purpose.
  • Generate financial forecasts suitable to your own unique environment, by:
  1. Customizing the existing chart of accounts to reflect your own typical expense line items,
  2. Choosing between 12-month, 3 year and 5 year forecast options,
  3. Selecting the number of branches or divisions you need to split your forecasts into (between 1 to 4),
  4. Selecting how and when each one of your expense line items are calculated and/or escalated (up to 9 different options),
  • Define your capital expenditure requirements and the Business Budgeting Software model will automatically calculate depreciation on the current and new fixed assets (based on user defined depreciation/write-off percentages);
  • Insert your operational requirements and the Business Budgeting Software generates the financial forecasts for you.

FD Alf McCreadie writes:
“this budget model software gave me the combination of structure, usability, and focus I was looking for. No other tool out there offers so much value at such a small cost.”

What gets measured . . . gets done!

This MS Excel based Business Budgeting Software model allows for up to four different branches or divisions and caters for capital expenditure as well as the automatic calculation of depreciation on new and existing fixed assets. This forecasting tool seamlessly integrates the data that will be incorporated throughout your plan. Our Financial Budgeting Software model is both practical and easy to understand for anyone – even non-finance oriented individuals.

There are NO ANNUAL RENEWAL FEES. Once purchased, our Financial Budgeting Software model is yours to keep.

A Powerful 6-Step Process

The Click & Plan Financial Budgeting Software model offers you the chance to create a comprehensive budget that will automatically generate the essential financial reports your company requires. From a variety of income statements to operational expense reports to capital expenditure and depreciation schedules, you’ll have the flexibility and versatility you need for every presentation of your financial plan in six short steps. See the 6 Steps Above.

FM Johan Helberg says:
“I think this application is ideal for businesses of all sizes. We have been
extremely pleased with the performance of this application.”

No other Budgeting Forecast Software model will provide you with such professional functionality at close to the cost of the Click & Plan Business Budgeting Software. Invest your time in six steps that will change the face of your financial planning forever. Follow the step-by-step game plan that will have you running at maximum efficiency in no time.

Group Accountant Jean-Mari Claassens says:
“financial institutions and investors are impressed with both the accuracy and the speed of our analysis.  The Click & Plan budget model has given us the flexibility and efficiency we need.”

While many businesses understand the importance of planning, few have a budget plan model that meets all of their needs. If you’re ready for a comprehensive model that is both easy to use and professional enough to handle your needs, you’re ready for the six-step process that will change the way you look at financial planning forever.

It’s time to invest in our Click & Plan Business Budgeting Software model.

Tracy-Lee Myburgh writes
“whenever we need to look over some financial scenarios, it’s easy to use this model
and quickly print the necessary reports to present”